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Quilters are fabric collectors; well (most of us) are hoarders.

We are not new to using up scraps to make beautiful and colourful quilts, but what about all that cast off clothing that gets dumped every year?

Recent publicity has jolted us into thinking that we need to put more effort into repurposing those ‘cast offs’.

As part of the Braidwood ‘Airing of the Quilts 2017’ we plan to set up a stand of quality goods made from pre-used materials. Take a look around the wardrobes, cupboards, draws etc., and see what you can find to convert into something unique. You could refer to it as ‘Deconstruction / Reconstruction’

Some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Fabric - Quilts, jackets, bags, placemats, potholders, aprons etc.,
  • Old Jeans - Bags, quilts, picnic blankets
  • Wool Jumpers - Throw them in the washing machine to felt, then make into bags, cushions
  • Non Wool Knits - Cut up for patchwork jackets or baby blankets
  • Suits, Skirts, Trousers - Cut up for patchwork quilts, bags, cushions or jackets
  • Synthetics - Yes they can be reused. Try cutting them into strips to knit. Hooked rugs are a great way to use up those old track suits and tee shirts

Let your imagine go wild, or for more options consult Mr Google. Let’s do our bit to help save the planet.

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June, Exhibition Planner, Braidwood Quilt Shop


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