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Major Sponsor - Braidwood COMMUNITY BANK Braidwood Quilters Inc. Presents The Famous Braidwood Quilt Event

Patron :- June Weatherstone    founder of the Quilt Event


1. Quilts entered in the Indoor Exhibition/Competition must not have been entered in the Quilt Event previously. There is a $10 fee for the first quilt entered and a $5 fee for each additional quilt. Quilters from any area are welcome to enter the Indoor Exhibition/Competition.

2. Quilts provided to be hung in the outdoor Airing of the Quilts may have been previously exhibited. No entry fee applies. All quilts hung outdoors  have a chance to win the $200 Outdoor Viewers’ Choice prize.

3. ALL QUILTS MUST HAVE A CLOTH ROD POCKET ATTACHED TO THE BACK AT THE TOP, EITHER SEWN OR SAFETY PINNED, SIZED TO TAKE A 2.5CM DOWEL.  At the discretion of the committee, quilts without a rod pocket may not be displayed and the entry fee will be forfeited.

4. The entrant is responsible for all packaging and shipping of entries and insurance of work.

5. The Committee reserves the right to hang as many entries as space permits. Selection for exhibition will be made by the Committee and its decision  will be final.

6.  Entries may or may not be for sale. The Committee will retain a commission of 20% for any works sold.

7. Entries will close on Monday,Date to be confirmed. Entry forms with correct fee amount must be received by that date. If possible, please send a photograph with entry form.

8.  All quilts must arrive in Braidwood by Monday, Date to be confirmed  Please address posted entries to:

          Braidwood Quilters Inc.

          PO Box 135

          BRAIDWOOD NSW 2622

 Hand delivered Quilts

  Quilts can be delivered to the Quilters Hall next to the Scout hall in Coghill Street  from 10am to 4pm  Dates to be confirmed. For directions see the Braidwood map. Phone 0458 605 786 for more information

    9.  The Committee may photograph or permit to be photographed all entries for publication or other appropriate purposes.

10. Entries may be collected at the conclusion of the Airing of the Quilts (after 5.30 pm, Date to be confirmed) and at the closing of the Indoor Exhibition (after 5.30 pm, Date to be confirmed). NO EXCEPTIONS FOR EARLIER COLLECTION WILL BE MADE. If entries cannot be collected at the listed times, specific arrangements can be made with the Committee to return quilts to the entrant. Return postage can be arranged for a $10 postage fee.


    Please tick all categories/awards relevant to your entry. All indoor competitive quilts are eligible for the Indoor $200 Viewer’s Choice. If you cannot find a category that suits your entry, please enter and The Quilt Event Committee will allocate categories at its discretion.

All dates will be confirmed by the committee

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