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Major Sponsor - Braidwood COMMUNITY BANK Braidwood Quilters Inc. Presents The Famous Braidwood Quilt Event

Patron :- June Weatherstone    founder of the Quilt Event

The Patron's Quilt Challenge

For more information about the Challenge

please contact:  

The secretary

Braidwood Quilters Inc.

PO Box 135, Braidwood  NSW 2622


Phone 0458 605 786

Cash Prizes

The Braidwood business community has always been very generous and happy to sponsor the Quilt Event

In addition to Category Prizes cash prizes will be awarded

The deadline for receipt of entry forms is Date to be confirmed

Quilts must be received by Date to be confirmed

All dates will be confirmed by the committee

The theme this year is "silver threads among the gold"

This year’s categories

Categories for the next quilt event will be posted when they are decided by the committee


Before entering please read the entry conditions

Please Note :- Quilt Event Entries close   Date to be confirmed

Exhibitor’s entry form,  in PDF format, will be available when all categories are decided.

If you have trouble downloading the form contact the secretary to have a form sent by mail