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Major Sponsor - Braidwood COMMUNITY BANK Braidwood Quilters Inc. Presents The Famous Braidwood Quilt Event

Patron :- June Weatherstone    founder of the Quilt Event


The Braidwood Quilt Event came into being following conversation during a social occasion one afternoon sometime in 1995.  The group of quilters became impatient with talk and decided to act.  On the fourth weekend of November in that same year a small outdoor exhibition of twenty-five quilts mysteriously appeared hanging from the first floor verandah rails of Braidwood’s beautiful collection of 19th century buildings for which the town is famous.

The traffic stopped in the main street which is also the busy highway from Canberra to the NSW southcoast and the founders of the Braidwood Quilt Event knew that they had happened upon something very special and was worth continuing on an annual basis.  The group formed themselves into Braidwood Quilters which became incorporated in 1997. The Quilt Event is now accompanied by a two-day indoor Quilt Show and a fringe festival which has developed well beyond the association’s wildest dreams.

Over 500 quilts are displayed in the street and different venues in the town. Quilters from all over Australia are invited to join in the outdoor ‘airing’, the competitive section of the indoor exhibition and the fringe festival activities.  We invite you to join Braidwood Quilters Inc. and the citizens of Braidwood again this year either as an entrant or as a visitor – you will have a great weekend.


What do we do?

  •  We organise the annual Braidwood Quilt Event and the famous Airing of the Quilts.

  •  We hold the Braidwood Quilters mid-year Country Luncheon.

  • We make and have charity quilts available when required

  •  We travel quilts to support other quilting organisations.

  • We initiate and participate in “fusion events” which cross over into other areas of the arts.

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