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Taking recycling just a big step forward.

At a recent Braidwood Quilters workshop mundane and positively ghastly men’s ties were turned into very fashionable ladies shoulder bags. With careful cutting a bag can be made from one tie.The only additional requirements are a length of material for the lining, a chain, cord of ribbon for the shoulder strap and a fancy button to dress the tag.

The pictures show an almost completed bag and some of the quilters preparing the ties.

Fun was had by all turning ordinary ties into something useful.

Up-cycling at its best.

Quilt Workshops

Workshops are held on  Wednesdays

contact Lesley on 0458 605 786 for more information

 Workshops are held in the Braidwood Quilter’s hall, Coghill St.

The workshops run

 from 10am with a lunch break about 12 pm and finish about 3pm

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month we have lessons from guest instructors on various topics